Definition of madreporite in English:



  • A perforated plate by which the entry of seawater into the vascular system of an echinoderm is controlled.

    • ‘One of the genital plates serves as the sieve plate, or madreporite, for the water vascular system.’
    • ‘The water vascular system of the sea stars open up at the madreporite, a perforated opening in the central part of the animal.’
    • ‘Virtually all extraxial body wall in asteroids is of the perforate variety, since it includes body openings such as papular pores, hydropores in the madreporite, gonopores, and the anus.’
    • ‘The water vascular system generally has one madreporite.’
    • ‘The madreporite was not visible until the juveniles were about 10 mm diameter and all the arms were of similar size.’


Early 19th century from madrepore (see Madreporaria) + -ite.



/maˈdrɛpərʌɪt/ /ˌmadrɪˈpɔːrʌɪt/