Definition of Madurese in English:



  • 1A native or inhabitant of the island of Madura in Indonesia.

    • ‘Ali Mumin, a Madurese who has been living in Bali for 10 years, said Idul Fitri celebrations on the island were still less joyous than in his hometown.’
    • ‘There are many Kalimantan people living in East Java and there are many East Javanese, including Madurese, living in Kalimantan.’
    • ‘The range of ethnic groups is vast but the principal ones are: Malay, Javanese, Sundanese, Madurese, Balinese, Ambon.’
  • 2mass noun An Indonesian language spoken by over 12 million people in Madura and nearby parts of Java.

    ‘The main language of Madura is Madurese, which is also spoken in part of eastern Java and on many of the 66 outlying islands.’
    ‘The three major languages spoken on Java are Javanese, Sundanese and Madurese.’


  • Relating to the inhabitants of Madura or their language.

    • ‘While their menfolk were at sea, Madurese women made batik at home; this is the familiar story about Madurese batik.’
    • ‘Born in Malang of Madurese parents, Rizza was the fifth of nine children.’
    • ‘The Madurese settlers are just a small part of the population among the Dayak, Malay and Chinese communities of Kalimantan.’
    • ‘The Madurese language is Austronesian, closely related to Javanese, and has two main dialects.’
    • ‘Sixty children of Malay, Dayak, Madurese, and Chinese ethnic backgrounds in West Kalimantan held an exhibition of their photographs at the Pontianak museum in November 2000.’