Definition of maestoso in English:



  • (especially as a direction) in a majestic manner.

    ‘the movement opens maestoso and pianissimo, so he must balance its often contradictory emotions’
    • ‘The song morphs into another idea of maestoso chords, which gradually peters out to a quiet finish.’
    • ‘His composure shifted from weightless glee, to a rougher, maestoso tone of scorn.’
    • ‘I thought there was nothing maestoso about the first movement.’
    • ‘The music opens impressively with its main - nay, only - theme: three descending tones, blazed out maestoso in unison on the brass.’
    • ‘The Largo maestoso finale, at thirteen minutes, is the longest movement.’
    exalted, august, great, awesome, elevated, sublime, lofty


  • Performed in a majestic manner.

    ‘a strong maestoso section precedes a march introduced by piccolo and snare drum’
    exalted, august, great, awesome, elevated, sublime, lofty


  • A movement or passage marked to be performed in a majestic manner.

    • ‘Moderato e maestoso, the fourth movement, sent me back into the cool night with delight of the highest order.’
    • ‘Andante maestoso was not an overblown anticlimax but the real apotheosis of Tchaikovsky's musical argument.’
    • ‘The opening Allegro maestoso is winningly done whilst the lovely Andante semplice also contains much that is beautiful and simple at the same time.’
    • ‘Listen to Anderszewski play the opening of the first Variation marked Alla Marcia maestoso.’
    • ‘Rabotkina brought refreshing restraint and imaginative, often poetic musical shape to the thrice familiar Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso.’


Italian, ‘majestic’, based on Latin majestas ‘majesty’.



/mʌɪˈstəʊzəʊ/ /mʌɪˈstəʊsəʊ/