Definition of magic eye in English:

magic eye


  • 1informal A photoelectric cell or similar electrical device used for detection or measurement.

    • ‘With today's auto-focus cameras, the magic eye will focus on the centre of the picture, not at the intersection of thirds.’
    • ‘Try this exercise this weekend and you may be amazed at how often your camera's magic eyes seem to be closed!’
    • ‘The depth of field in macro is very shallow, so note where the camera magic eye is indicating the focus point is, relative to the subject, before slowly pressing the shutter release.’
    • ‘The magic eye in the camera focuses on a spot in the middle of the screen.’
    • ‘The camera's magic eye doesn't know exactly what subject you want to be in focus and picked the wrong one in the viewfinder!’
  • 2A small cathode ray tube in some radio receivers that displays a pattern which enables the radio to be accurately tuned.

    ‘Although fine for adjusting broadcast stations, the Magic Eye was not useful for tuning weak signals in a crowded band.’
    ‘I've forgotten how many radios I repaired and enjoyed, but my favourites all had Magic Eyes.’