Definition of magic lantern in English:

magic lantern


  • A simple form of image projector used for showing photographic slides.

    • ‘Fuller's stage performances utilised electric lighting, coloured gels, magic lanterns, shadow-play and projections to create spectacular onstage effects, making her experiments with film a logical development of her art.’
    • ‘Martin also sold magic lanterns, which projected ghostly figures onto walls or clouds of smoke, as well as convex and concave glasses, mirrors that curved and distended proportions.’
    • ‘Now that was the new technology and they were just starting to use electric lights to project the magic lanterns instead of the carbide lamps,’
    • ‘The end of the exhibition was dedicated to an archive of the technology itself, displaying a historical lineage of objects from magic lanterns to a variety of early slide projectors.’
    • ‘After the advent of photography in the mid-century, magic lanterns were increasingly produced and sold primarily for domestic use.’


magic lantern