Definition of magic potion in English:

magic potion


  • A drink with magical properties.

    ‘Medea gave him a magic potion that put him to sleep’
    ‘bringing in a high-profile coach is not a magic potion’
    • ‘They're aided in this endeavour by the use of a magic potion, developed by Getafix the druid, which gives them superhuman strength.’
    • ‘This is the mad love of A Midsummer Night's Dream but without a magic potion.’
    • ‘On the return voyage, Tristan and Isolde accidentally drink a magic potion intended for her wedding night and fall hopelessly in love.’
    • ‘The Queen descends to her dungeon to mix a magic potion, which turns her into an ugly witch.’
    • ‘When the explorer prepared to move on, Koba concocted a magic potion that would make his friend decide to stay.’
    • ‘Gilbert's new proposed libretto was a flimsy story set in Sicily and involving a magic potion.’
    • ‘At one point the commandos drink a "magic potion" and change from being lizards to being furry mammals.’
    • ‘If it is not magic potions, it is usually fate that plays a decisive role in Wagner's operas.’
    • ‘He was accused of using witchcraft and magic potions to lull his victims to sleep.’
    • ‘The purpose of the game is to survive as long as possible while discovering Gauntlet's mazes in search of treasure, food, magic potions and the exit that leads to the next dungeon.’