Definition of magisterially in English:



See magisterial

  • ‘Once a glory of craftsmanship, the mighty stones that were so magisterially laid out have been totally upset.’
  • ‘In variation 8, chorale texture predominates, though the ground is disrupted by a twelve-note row's magisterially extended cadence into C before it resumes its prescribed course.’
  • ‘Around 1650 he turned increasingly to flower painting, in which he established a sombre and magisterially controlled manner that was to dominate Dutch flower painting until the time of van Huysum.’
  • ‘It's of course too much to expect the general run of musicological works to measure up to David Kimbell's magisterially lucid Italian opera; but what better example could there be for all of us?’
  • ‘Aristotle was known, magisterially, as ‘the Philosopher’.’