Definition of magistrates' court in English:

magistrates' court


  • (in England and Wales) a court presided over by a magistrate or magistrates that deals with minor offences and holds preliminary hearings for more serious ones.

    ‘the case got as far as the magistrates' court’
    ‘Westminster Magistrates' Court’
    • ‘The matter will remain to be dealt with by the magistrates' court.’
    • ‘He is expected to appear in Cairns Magistrates' Court on Nov.28.’
    • ‘The hearing at Bow Street Magistrates' Court is expected to last three days.’
    • ‘The IT programme will provide updated computer systems and equipment to magistrates' courts throughout England and Wales.’
    • ‘The Appellant was not present in the Magistrates' Court when she was convicted.’
    • ‘Anyone caught without a licence faces a visit to a magistrates' court and a £1000 fine.’
    • ‘She pleaded guilty to the these offences at Stratford Magistrates' Court and was sentenced to an 18 month community rehabilitation order.’
    • ‘In 1878, the magistrates' courts were given jurisdiction to grant a separation order where a husband had been convicted of assault of his wife, and to order him to pay her maintenance.’
    • ‘There is a program in New South Wales now to have liaison people at magistrates' courts to help defendants.’
    • ‘Bills are before Parliament which would allow "paper committals," so that witnesses do not have to give lengthy testimony in the magistrates' courts.’