Definition of magnetic equator in English:

magnetic equator


  • The irregular imaginary line, passing round the earth near the equator, on which a magnetic needle has no dip.

    • ‘At the Earth's surface, the intensity of the main field varies from roughly 24000 to 66000 nanoteslas, from the magnetic equator to near the geomagnetic poles, respectively.’
    • ‘And so the rapidly moving particles are effectively trapped in doughnut-shaped regions around the Earth, creating the belts of radiation centered around the magnetic equator of the planet.’
    • ‘The spacecraft was literally ‘crossed’ by the magnetic equator in different ways at different times and locations during the last field reversal, and so could make these unique and historic measurements.’
    • ‘If the magnetic meridian coincided with the geographical, the magnetic equator would coincide with the earth's equator; but such is not the fact.’