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  • 1Impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant; striking.

    ‘a dramatic landscape of magnificent mountains’
    • ‘the interior layout is magnificent’
    • ‘It was a beautiful warm and calm day, and the view of mountains and lakes were magnificent.’
    • ‘Itala, Mkuzi and Hluhluwe Umfolozi are all rich in game and magnificent scenery.’
    • ‘If you take a distinguished poem and set it to magnificent music you can make a beautiful song.’
    • ‘The curtains rose to a stage packed full of instruments and, in the centre, a magnificent grand piano.’
    • ‘They flew up together, free as birds, spiralling round the proud prow of the magnificent vessel.’
    • ‘Due to mist on top of the mountain he was denied the magnificent view from the summit.’
    • ‘One of its finest features is its magnificent wooden tower and spire which stand 240 feet high.’
    • ‘He also noted that many fine artists could produce magnificent works of equine art on commission.’
    • ‘The cathedral, standing proud in a large square, is a magnificent centrepiece.’
    • ‘Many sumptuous banquets for nobles and heads of state have been held in this magnificent room.’
    • ‘Even more lavish is the House of the Messii, with the magnificent marble floor in its main reception room.’
    • ‘Alban recalled how magnificent and queenly she looked, a tall imposing figure.’
    • ‘They all had magnificent feather crests on their heads in vivid reds and rich gleaming browns.’
    • ‘I could not take my eyes off the magnificent central dome with its carved pendants.’
    • ‘Atop the squared hilltop we spy the silhouetted form of a stag with magnificent antlers.’
    • ‘The gardens are magnificent, overflowing with tropical blooms and huge flowering trees.’
    • ‘Then the Third Earl of Carlisle decided it was the perfect spot for his magnificent new castle.’
    • ‘Not much was visible except the floor plan of a once magnificent house and its outside kitchen.’
    • ‘The conception, design and construction of the Millennium Bridge was a magnificent achievement.’
    • ‘Miss Goddard's performance is quite magnificent and worthy of the ticket price alone.’
    splendid, spectacular, impressive, striking, glorious, superb, majestic, awesome, awe-inspiring, breathtaking
    sumptuous, resplendent, grand, impressive, imposing, monumental, palatial, noble, proud, stately, exalted, royal, regal, kingly, imperial, princely, opulent, fine, luxurious, lavish, rich, brilliant, radiant, dazzling, beautiful, elegant, gorgeous, elevated, transcendent
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  • 2Very good; excellent.

    ‘she paid tribute to their magnificent efforts’
    • ‘Music will play a key part in the celebrations as the church boasts an excellent choir and a magnificent organ.’
    • ‘The adjudicator can only say well done to all concerned on this magnificent effort.’
    • ‘Harlequins' wing Ben Gollings added a further try to crown a magnificent effort.’
    • ‘Their victory came from a truly magnificent forward effort in which every man played his part.’
    • ‘It was a magnificent shot, worthy of someone ranked higher than 56th in the world.’
    • ‘Isn't it fantastic that our town got such magnificent positive national publicity.’
    • ‘The drums are magnificent and each guitar is perfectly layered, in what turns out to be the best sound of the night.’
    • ‘Maybe that will impress our magnificent class leader Margaret when we meet again.’
    • ‘That isn't to say the company isn't without some fine, even magnificent dancers.’
    • ‘All who travelled had a magnificent time and credit must go to the organisers for their input.’
    • ‘The help they received from locals was magnificent and the event was very successful.’
    • ‘Both do magnificent work in the slums of Nairobi to support the poorest of the poor children.’
    • ‘Maybe Dan was impressed by my magnificent pruning of the roses and the buddleia last yer.’
    • ‘The dances are magnificent and are performed with so much passion that they are a joy to witness.’
    • ‘The management, medical staff, fitness guys and backroom staff have been magnificent.’
    • ‘You have a magnificent chef who takes pride in the preparation, and doesn't overdo the labelling.’
    • ‘All in all, every single one of these reviews is truly magnificent.’
    • ‘"The club have been absolutely magnificent, I cannot praise them enough.’
    • ‘For the most part, the copy editors do a magnificent job, for next to no money, and precious little thanks.’
    • ‘I'd like to praise the magnificent behaviour of the pupils who handled themselves very well.’
    admirable, fine, great, wonderful, notable
    masterly, skilful, virtuoso, splendid, excellent, impressive, fine, coruscating, marvellous, wonderful, tremendous
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/maɡˈnifəsənt/ /mæɡˈnɪfəsənt/


Late Middle English via Old French from Latin magnificent- ‘making great’, based on magnus ‘great’.