Definition of magret in English:



  • A fillet of meat cut from a breast of duck.

    • ‘My order of magret of duck was beautifully cooked, the slices of pinkish breast meat fanned out over cep mushrooms.’
    • ‘For his family's Christmas dinner he likes to roast potatoes and cut-up apples with his magret.’
    • ‘It was a perfectly competent but fairly ordinary magret with a parmentier of confit and a cassis sauce.’
    • ‘So I cooked the simplest, tastiest thing I could think of: barbecued magret with barbecued chips.’
    • ‘I started with a duck salad that consisted of a fan of labial magret, a hunch of little gem and three boiled, bland mini carrots.’


French, diminutive of Gascon dialect magre ‘lean’ (as the leanest meat is chosen), corresponding to standard French maigre..