Definition of magsman in English:



  • 1Australian informal, dated A confidence trickster.

    • ‘Another common name for this type of swindler or confidence trickster was magsman, originally the name for a man who ran a pitch-and-toss game, which was itself sometimes called magflying from the mags, halfpennies, which were used in it.’
    • ‘You're cracksmen, magsmen, mobsmen, the two of you; so you may as well both own up to it.’
    • ‘According to the Abbey's staff review, you can "meet the thieves, breakers, magsmen, dope users, prostitutes and murderers who comprised Sydney’s shadowy underworld."’
    1. 1.1A person who likes telling stories; a raconteur.


Early 19th century from English dialect mag ‘prattle’ + man.