Definition of maguey in English:



  • An agave plant, especially one of a type used to make an alcoholic drink (mescal).

    • ‘The fierce agave spines make for treacherous farming conditions; the maguey must be collected by hand.’
    • ‘Then, as the heat of the coals wilted the maguey, we would fold the pencas over, one by one, in a basket weave over the top of the coals.’
    • ‘Learn how Oaxaca's famed elixir is made from start to finish, from laborious pit-baked magueys to the intriguing process of distillation.’
    • ‘The magueys are being used up or allowed to flower and aren't being replanted.’
    • ‘The vegetation that prevails here is the oyamel forest, which contains medicinal plants, magueys and shrubs covered with moss.’


Mid 16th century via Spanish from Taino.