Definition of mahatma in English:



  • 1(in South Asia) a person regarded with reverence or loving respect; a holy person or sage.

    ‘India is the birthplace of Hinduism as well as Buddhism, motherland of Sikhs and Jains, the abode of more rishis, sadhus, mahatmas, and maharishis than any place on earth.’
    • ‘There have been great saints and mahatmas in the past, who replied thus even to emperors and monarchs.’
    • ‘Those whose actions show them to be self-realized are often described as mahatmas or great selves.’
    • ‘I am only repeating what saints and mahatmas have said in the past.’
    • ‘He resolves ‘to follow the mahatma's call ’, but chooses some unorthodox varieties of Gandhian sacrifice and civil disobedience.’
    wise man, wise woman, learned man, learned woman, man of letters, woman of letters, philosopher, scholar, thinker, savant, Solomon, Nestor, Solon
    1. 1.1the MahatmaMahatma Gandhi.
      ‘Since the Mahatma uttered those words, world population has doubled to six billion - an annual increase of 90 million people to house and feed!’
      • ‘However, he was spellbound by the mahatma and remained personally loyal to him.’
      • ‘The Mahatma, a clean man to begin with, hasn't even worn his sandals in more than 50 years.’
      • ‘A life size statue of the Mahatma provides the opportunity for citizens and the world to reflect and learn about both apostles of nonviolence in the same place.’
    2. 1.2(in some forms of theosophy) a person in India or Tibet said to have supernatural powers.



/məˈhätmə/ /məˈhɑtmə/ /məˈhatmə/ /məˈhætmə/


From Sanskrit mahātman, from mahā ‘great’ + ātman ‘soul’.