Definition of maidan in English:



  • (in South Asia) an open space in or near a town, used as a parade ground or for events such as public meetings and polo matches.

    ‘They propose to maintain a grassy maidan in the large open area, which will ensure enough space for holding public functions, including cultural programmes and performances.’
    • ‘The public response is tumultuous, both at the landing ground and at the small maidan where the meeting is in progress.’
    • ‘Though the police did not give permission the thousands that wound their way to the venue of the public meeting de facto turned into numerous processions all ending at the maidan.’
    • ‘The State film award presentation ceremony at the Poojappura maidan the other day was a memorable event.’
    • ‘Located in the heart of the city, the Gandhi Park maidan is the most preferred venue for large public meetings, especially the ones organised by political parties.’



/mīˈdän/ /maɪˈdɑn/


From Urdu and Persian maidān, from Arabic maydān.