Definition of maiden name in English:

maiden name


  • The original surname of a married woman who uses her husband's surname name after marriage.

    ‘many women choose to work under their maiden names’
    • ‘In the last year of college, when everyone was trying to find a catchy ‘stage name’ I made lists and lists, researching old family names, maiden names, names that just sounded good.’
    • ‘I kept my maiden name as a second middle name, but I'd not want to saddle any of my kids with it.’
    • ‘Naomi would like to change her daughters' surname to her own maiden name.’
    • ‘Jan Struther, an abbreviation of her maiden name, was the pen name which she used.’
    • ‘You can hyphenate your name or use your maiden name for work and your married name everywhere else.’
    • ‘Married women may legally keep their maiden names, or have their maiden names restored at some point in the marriage whether or not the couple stays together.’
    • ‘My grandmother's current name is Kurlene White, but her maiden name is Roper.’
    • ‘Gaelic law still allowed women to retain their maiden name and own land and property.’
    • ‘She has since joined the force in another district and has started using her maiden name instead..’
    • ‘Her maiden name was Lesley Stevens and she lived at the Borough SE1 between 1968 and 1970.’
    • ‘In these new court papers, she takes back her formal maiden name, Jennifer Joanna Aniston.’
    • ‘Andrews, who married husband Iain last month, is known to many in the accountancy profession by her maiden name of Irvine.’
    • ‘She was insistent to keep her maiden name, Fraser, when she married.’
    • ‘One of the reps sent a message to the HR department, letting them know that a member of staff wished to be known by her maiden name again.’
    • ‘Writing under her maiden name of Charlotte Popescu, Mrs Fyffe has published some 30 books to date.’
    • ‘Today tributes poured in for Alex who was married just a year ago, but maintained her maiden name in her profession.’
    • ‘We are often asked for the maiden name of our mother and our date of birth.’
    • ‘My maiden name was Pease and a cousin of mine has researched our family tree.’
    • ‘Divorced women who revert to their maiden names and couples who adopt a hyphenated name also will encounter problems if they fail to update their Social Security records, says Barbara Steinmetz, a financial planner.’
    • ‘Eloise's mother had changed her name back to Beauregard, her maiden name.’


maiden name