Definition of maidenhair in English:


(also maidenhair fern)

Pronunciation /ˈmādnˌher/ /ˈmeɪdnˌhɛr/


  • A chiefly tropical fern of delicate appearance, having slender-stalked fronds with round or wedge-shaped divided lobes.

    Genus Adiantum, family Adiantaceae: several species, in particular A. capillus-veneris of Eurasia and North America

    ‘Species of the eastern deciduous forest are northern maidenhair, maidenhair spleenwort, and oak fern.’
    • ‘Among the ferns are California polypody, maidenhair fern, and golden-back fern.’
    • ‘Others are maidenhair spleenwort, two kinds of polypody, and walking fern.’
    • ‘Finally, the maidenhair fern, Adiantum capillus-veneris, which grows in moist shady places in Europe and N. America, has several uses.’
    • ‘Walk through the prairie's first showing of pussytoes, puccoon, and bird's foot violets, walk through the tick-ridden grasses, walk through the wild phlox and unfurling ferns of maidenhair.’
    • ‘The foliage resembles that of a maidenhair fern.’
    • ‘Southern maidenhair often hangs over the mouth of the springs, and watercress is common in the clear spring water.’
    • ‘There is variety in texture, too, from the fragile laciness of maidenhair fern to the solidity of harts tongue fern.’
    • ‘Towards the top of the track watch for maidenhair fern, golden ake ake, (which you may recognise as a popular hedge plant), a native myrtle with a nobbly trunk, a pigeonwood with orange berries in season, hebes, and a large leaved Broadleaf.’
    • ‘Although they all are lush and green, there is quite a variety in their textures and sizes, everything from robust, six-foot-high ostrich ferns to dainty maidenhair ferns, with each leaflet looking like a miniature, green fan.’
    • ‘The 8-foot-deep porch is edged by a 12-foot-long garden bed, where Dalbok planted tall banana and palm trees to act as a backdrop and provide shade for more delicate plants like maidenhair ferns.’
    • ‘Beneath the mixed hardwood and redwood forest canopy, the light is dim, broken in places into shafts that highlight clusters of maidenhair ferns and lush beds of redwood sorrel, a cloverlike ground cover.’
    • ‘Running the length of the backyard is an elevated planting area, which the couple filled with woodland plants - vine maples, hellebores, and maidenhair ferns.’
    • ‘A tributary feeds in and has two stone bridges; the one for infrequent cars is frizzy with maidenhair ferns, two yards away its predecessor for packhorses is painted with lichens.’
    • ‘Although they don't flower, maidenhair ferns are one of the most popular indoor plants.’