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main drag

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informal North American
  • usually the main dragThe main street of a town.

    • ‘A sign on Highway #2, the main drag through the village, directed me left onto Wharf Road.’
    • ‘Continuing into town, the tour bus turns down the main drag, Broadway, where wooden sidewalks run alongside colorful false-front buildings.’
    • ‘There's not an empty storefront on Oak Street, the main drag through this former orchard-and-lumber hub on the Columbia River.’
    • ‘Away from the main drag of the town, it can all seem a shade dowdy.’
    • ‘The street, Foothill Boulevard, is the main drag in the region.’
    • ‘This is Duvall Street, the main drag in Key West.’
    • ‘Start your roaming a couple miles northeast of Plymouth on the main drag through the area, Shenandoah Road.’
    • ‘We were fortunate to find a quiet minor road which criss-crossed the main drag and took us nearer the coastline and through tiny villages.’
    • ‘With Peter I cruised into the city and perused the Lord Mayor's NY Eve street party - the main drag a scene of tables and chairs and food stands, families strolling and eating or watching the live entertainment.’
    • ‘Stroll the main drag, Third Street, past restaurants and shops selling gifts and antiques, all housed in old adobes and low, false-fronted wood buildings.’
    • ‘The arena was on a hill in the heart of downtown, a few streets above the main drag, with a level entrance in the back and a gigantic hike for people coming in the front.’
    • ‘Even on Hempstead Turnpike, which is sort of the main drag of of Nassau County, running from Queens into Suffolk County, there used to be wide open spaces.’
    • ‘It's your average Western town, like 20 buildings along the main drag.’
    • ‘In the few days since I was in Taunton last, it has acquired its second Starbucks, this time on the main drag, overlooking the old town centre.’
    • ‘The general was going to stroll up and down the main drag in Nashua, allowing the press to take dramatic pictures of him surveying the impulse-buy counters of local stores.’
    • ‘Then you reach the main drag around Key Span Park, home to the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team.’
    • ‘We took a stroll down the main drag the other day and it took about ten minutes to see everything.’
    • ‘We headed out of our street and onto the main drag that led into Alexandra.’
    • ‘There are a few trendy shops, a neat bookstore, and a recreation gear shop, but the main drag still boasts an appliance store, hardware store, and locally owned clothing shops.’
    • ‘The first time I went to Vietnam, I was impressed by the wide range of international restaurants along the main drag of Ho Chi Minh City.’
    street, road, roadway, avenue, boulevard, way


main drag

/ˌmān ˈdraɡ/ /ˌmeɪn ˈdræɡ/