Definition of main sequence in English:

main sequence


  • A series of star types to which most stars belong, represented on a Hertzsprung–Russell diagram as a continuous band extending from the upper left (hot, bright stars) to the lower right (cool, dim stars)

    as modifier ‘main sequence stars’
    • ‘The pressure from these nuclear reactions at the star's core balances the pull of gravity, and the star is now called a main sequence star.’
    • ‘The Sun is an unusually variable star for its position on the main sequence, something that might explain why Intelligent life is found here, and not everywhere.’
    • ‘Several million years is a long time in comparison to a human life span, but it is short in comparison to the life span of main sequence stars.’
    • ‘As you might know hydrogen is very common in our closest star, the Sun, which is a main sequence star.’
    • ‘The lower mass limit for a main sequence star is about 0.08 that of our Sun or 80 times the mass of Jupiter.’


main sequence

/mān ˈsēkwəns/ /meɪn ˈsikwəns/ /ˈsēˌkwens/ /ˈsiˌkwɛns/