Definition of mainstream media in English:

mainstream media

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treated as singular or plural the mainstream media
  • Traditional or established broadcasting or publishing outlets.

    ‘the mainstream media doesn't always cover these issues’
    • ‘Mostly I'm just happy to see design discussed in the mainstream media.’
    • ‘The headlines have slipped back to page 9 in the mainstream media.’
    • ‘Little magazines provide an alternative to the mainstream media.’
    • ‘We find the way that lies become truth in the modern mainstream media a truly worrying thing.’
    • ‘Fuelled by a lack of enthusiasm from the mainstream media, Blade has made it his mission to raise the profile of UK hip-hop.’
    • ‘The book has been picked up by bookshops in all major cities, and has received considerable publicity through mainstream media.’
    • ‘As the mainstream media becomes more and more commercial, alternative media is emerging to balance the equilibrium.’
    • ‘Through the workshops, these young producers will gain skills and the ability to deconstruct mainstream media images.’
    • ‘But it would be a horrible mistake to think that the mainstream media represents the mood of New Zealand.’
    • ‘Despite the high profile the film gave him, he says that it has still been hard to gain access to the mainstream media to air his views.’
    • ‘Each album elicited critical praise, even from mainstream media, and their shows often sold out.’