Definition of majestically in English:


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  • With impressive beauty or scale.

    ‘the steep slopes of the valley floor rise majestically skywards’
    • ‘He stood majestically in the door frame, clouds of silvery white sprouting from his scalp.’
    • ‘The king enters the scene majestically, changing the tone of the play.’
    • ‘The rock stands majestically in the middle of the desert.’
    • ‘Black, rugged mountains towered majestically at the horizon, adding savage grandeur to the solemnity of the landscape.’
    • ‘Her long brown hair majestically reflected the sun's glare, creating a golden tone to the aligned curls.’
    • ‘The fort stood majestically on an elevated plateau along the western bank of the river.’
    • ‘The clouds floated majestically overhead, reflecting the sun's colorful rays into the eyes of the earth.’
    • ‘She majestically swoops next to me, embracing me in a hug.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the real core of what this gala event signified in musical terms came majestically across.’
    • ‘It gets the job done in a majestically compressed 1 minute, 50 seconds.’



/məˈjestək(ə)lē/ /məˈdʒɛstək(ə)li/