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major league

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  • 1North American The highest-ranking league in a particular professional sport, especially baseball.

    ‘my dream of pitching in the major leagues’
    • ‘future major-league ballplayers’
    • ‘Like most of us, my dreams of setting foot on a major-league baseball field died a painful, inglorious death in youth.’
    • ‘Did you realize the Oakland A's have three players in their starting lineup who are the sons of former major-league baseball players?’
    • ‘Palmeiro is no longer a major-league caliber ballplayer.’
    • ‘He appears to be the lone active, prominent major-league baseball player who has flatly admitted using them.’
    • ‘Honel threw a major-league fastball and curveball in the strike zone and Snyder looked foolish.’
    • ‘He wore a major-league baseball uniform, an Astros uniform, and did so proudly.’
    • ‘By now, you all likely know about the alleged relationship between an editor of Out magazine and a major-league player.’
    • ‘Oliva spent his entire major-league career as a player and coach with the Minnesota Twins organization.’
    • ‘I had the opportunity to see Baxter pitch in high school he had a major-league future.’
    • ‘Turns out the dirty little secret in question is amphetamine use among major-league baseball players.’
    • ‘Puerto Rico, Mexico and Venezuela now had ballplayers playing for major-league teams.’
    • ‘Most embarrassingly, Mussina tied a major-league record by allowing six doubles in one inning.’
    • ‘Travis Fryman has arguably the worst minor-league track record of any successful major-league player.’
    • ‘But, by the time Al caught his last major-league game, he had set a record by catching in more than 1,900 games.’
    • ‘Hernandez is the youngest pitcher to start a major-league game since Jose Rijo in 1984.’
    • ‘Henson made his major-league debut on Thursday, pinch-running for Bernie Williams in the 8th inning.’
    • ‘He was later injured and sidelined for over a month, preventing him from breaking past Reiser for the major-league record.’
    • ‘Bonds broke the major-league record for Bases on Balls in a season, with his 171st free pass.’
    • ‘The kid DePaula was looking mighty impressive in his first major-league start.’
    • ‘Two batters later he faced Andy Phillips, who was making his major-league debut.’
    prominent, eminent, pre-eminent, important, distinguished, august, illustrious, noble
    1. 1.1US The highest attainable level in any endeavor or activity.
      as modifier ‘many of the nation's service companies are major-league corporations’
      • ‘This band is major league, ready for a worldwide listening audience.’
      • ‘We have heard so much about this school, now it's suddenly major league on the map, it's in the big 12.’
      • ‘It was your job to convince everyone else that you were major league.’
      • ‘With an overabundance of black romance being published, there is often a need to relax with a book in which the language is major league.’
      • ‘Cast as a surly rebel, Christensen works a little too hard to make an impression but he manages to hold his own against major league co-stars.’


major league

/ˌmājər ˈlēɡ/ /ˌmeɪdʒər ˈliɡ/