Definition of major planet in English:

major planet


  • Any of the eight planets of the solar system, as distinct from an asteroid or smaller body.

    ‘Most of the attention focuses on Pluto's status as one of our solar system's major planets.’
    • ‘The apparent paths of the sun, the moon, and the major planets all fall within the zodiac.’
    • ‘The asteroids are most likely leftover sloar system bits and stuff captured by the sun and major planets.’
    • ‘The major planets are available at a click, as is a solar system view, which can be animated and its angle of viewing changed.’
    • ‘It has a high-inclination orbit, which means it does not travel around the sun in the same plane as the major planets.’
    • ‘Spacecraft have flown by every major planet, and most of their important moons, in the solar system.’


major planet

/ˌmājər ˈplanət/ /ˌmeɪdʒər ˈplænət/