Definition of major tranquilizer in English:

major tranquilizer


(British major tranquillizer)
  • A tranquilizer of the kind used to treat psychotic states.

    ‘The drugs used for schizophrenia are antipsychotics or neuroleptics (major tranquillizers).’
    • ‘The prolonged use of neuroleptic drugs (major tranquillizers) can produce movement disorders, including tremors, tics, and smacking of the lips.’
    • ‘Her diagnosis of bipolar/schizoaffective disorder had been disabling for years, and she had been dependent on a variety of major tranquilizers.’
    • ‘People taking major tranquilizers for a long period of time risk something termed tardive dyskinesia.’
    • ‘The usual standard of practice before administration of major tranquilizers is a written consent.’
    • ‘The ‘Neuroleptic’ effects of the major tranquilisers was first noted by Charpentier.’
    • ‘Her occlusion began to be wrong before one year after taking major tranquilizer, that is haloperidol.’
    • ‘This means that twenty-five per cent of the major tranquillisers are connected with fluoride.’
    • ‘Many impressive claims have been made about major tranquillisers by psychiatrists and pharmacologists alike.’
    • ‘Thus, the use of major tranquilizers should be carefully scrutinized and reserved for appropriate indications.’
    • ‘Certain major tranquilizers prevent shivering, limiting the body's ability to generate heat.’
    • ‘Unlike minor tranquilizers, major tranquilizers of the antipsychotic type are not addictive.’
    • ‘I am at a stage when I had to dose myself twice with a major tranquiliser just to calm down and not freak out.’
    • ‘In the manic phase, a group of drugs known as the major tranquillizers or neuroleptic drugs are particularly useful.’
    • ‘The major tranquilizers do not produce effects generally experienced as pleasurable, and are thus rarely abused.’
    • ‘At the time the major tranquilizers were introduced, the lobotomy was touted highly and widely used by psychiatrists.’
    • ‘Some drugs need to be taken regularly to have an effect, e.g. antidepressants and major tranquillisers.’
    • ‘The history with major tranquilizers may give a clue as to what might be in store.’
    • ‘One charity client with these problems found that an anti-depressant augmented by a major tranquilliser was effective.’
    • ‘Alternatively, a huge dose of a major tranquiliser usually does the trick for me.’


major tranquilizer

/ˈmājər ˈtraNGkwəˌlīzər/ /ˈmeɪdʒər ˈtræŋkwəˌlaɪzər/ /ˈtrankwəˌlīzər/ /ˈtrænkwəˌlaɪzər/