Definition of make a bolt for in English:

make a bolt for


  • Try to escape by moving suddenly toward (something)

    ‘Ellie made a bolt for the door’
    • ‘They were gathered down one end of the pool so I decided to make a bolt for the far side.’
    • ‘The alarm went off and they made a bolt for it.’
    • ‘She thought about making a bolt for it, but the guy put his hand on her shoulder and whispered ‘Don't even think about it.’’
    • ‘Did they call you ‘Engineer’ because you're always making a bolt for the door?’
    • ‘As the Mercedes Benz slowed, and the engine was eventually cut, Theorton tensed his muscles, preparing to make a bolt for the driver's door.’
    • ‘She heaved a sigh of relief and prepared to make a bolt for it.’
    • ‘She tried to make a bolt for the door but was unable to move, and began to panic.’
    • ‘The Taxi driver made a bolt for it, leaving Flick his vehicle.’
    • ‘She ducked out from under the desk and made a bolt for the elevator.’
    • ‘The child, scared and confused well past his years, made a bolt for the fields.’
    dash, dart, run, sprint, rush, bound, leap, jump, spring, gallop