Definition of make a hit in English:

make a hit


  • Be successful or popular.

    ‘you made a big hit with her’
    • ‘‘Calvin Klein's shared fragrance made a hit, and many clothes with the same design are worn by both men and women,’ Kan said.’
    • ‘His credentials have great appeal among ACT voters, and the fact he has made a hit in the polls has also damaged ACT.’
    • ‘Another British car import makes a hit with performances that are off the charts.’
    • ‘Since we are a new, small company we wanted to make a hit.’
    • ‘But it is critical to a vehicle looking to make a hit by being more fashionable or trendy than its direct competitors.’
    • ‘Not now John, all you need is a grease covered white shirt to make a hit at your interview, he thought to himself.’
    • ‘These spectacular flowers are real traffic stoppers and sure to make a hit in your garden.’
    • ‘There was a fancy party where Katherine got to use her corporate skills and Phil made a hit by playing the bohemian.’
    • ‘‘I was pleased we made a hit, even with people in the countryside,’ she said.’
    • ‘The salad made a hit as usual, and the guacamole very much pleased all of us, including, surprisingly, him.’
    go down well, prove popular, be a hit, make a hit, get an enthusiastic reception, be successful, be a success, succeed