Definition of make a joke of in English:

make a joke of


  • Laugh or be humorous about (something that is not funny in itself)

    ‘if there is a mishap you can make a joke of it’
    • ‘I tried to make a joke of it, but my laugh was fake, a desperate tint to it, well the whole thing seemed desperate actually.’
    • ‘But the woman brushed him off, making a joke of his request.’
    • ‘Even making a joke of it initially may break the ice and make you come across somewhat less adversarial.’
    • ‘I had to make a joke of it at the time but I was so angry and hurt.’
    • ‘Now, if they'd played it properly, they'd have made a joke of it.’
    • ‘I made a joke of it, but it really was beginning to concern me.’
    • ‘I told him I was kidding and made a joke of it, but he seemed a little wounded.’
    • ‘Lying, or even making a joke of it, would be far more effective.’
    • ‘Jake's eyes glimmered mischievously and I knew that he was just making a joke of the situation.’
    • ‘He helped her into the sleeping bag and tried to make a joke of the incident, ‘Do you want me to make a coat out of that bear?’’
    ridicule, make fun of, poke fun at, laugh at, make a joke of, mock, sneer at, jibe at, jeer at, deride, scorn, scoff at