Definition of make a killing in English:

make a killing

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  • Have a great financial success.

    • ‘they're a safe investment, you can make a killing overnight’
    • ‘The companies and financial advisers involved made a killing from selling these policies - until the consequences began to come to light.’
    • ‘If a 14-year-old with a Net connection could move markets and make a killing, all that supposed training and experience of financial analysts was an elaborate fiction.’
    • ‘In the short term, anybody with a view to making a killing will be disappointed.’
    • ‘The despised London Yuppies making a killing out of the stock market and privatisation, I could understand their pact with the devil but what reward did our town get from the Tories?’
    • ‘Someone is making a killing - and it isn't the artists.’
    • ‘The merchants in the Village are making a killing.’
    • ‘Meanwhile Santos and its partners Magellan and Oilmin, which are selling crude at the ruling world parity price, are making a killing.’
    • ‘With a 20 quid bet at 20-1 on him polling 500 votes or more, he was quietly confident of making a killing.’
    • ‘I do know the guys on the border are making a killing.’
    • ‘In fact, it was the Americans who were making a killing.’
    make a large profit, make a fortune, make one's fortune, gain, profit, make money, be successful, be lucky
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