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make away with

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phrasal verb

  • 1make away with somethingCarry something away illicitly.

    ‘he smashed a glass case and made away with a number of items of jewelery’
    • ‘A sweet and submissive mantrap, Irina ultimately makes away with an art collection, most of the petty cash, and the show.’
    • ‘I felt bad as I could not do anything to prevent the robbers from making away with our valuables.’
    • ‘She said her attackers gagged her mouth and tied her to the bed before making away with the property.’
    • ‘The thieves waited for the interval between the security men leaving the gallery and the alarm being set before making away with the pictures.’
    • ‘An impostor enters the phone network of a top government agency and makes away with classified information by spoofing his caller ID.’
    • ‘The book starts with poachers killing a pair of rhinos in a San Antonio zoo and making away with their horns.’
    • ‘The process continues and the employee makes away with increasingly larger amounts of money, involving more and more accounts.’
    • ‘When he was trying to clean the stains with a piece of cloth, they made away with the cash bag kept in the vehicle.’
    • ‘This would make it more difficult for a thief to make away with the item.’
    • ‘The traders - the Frenchman and the Russian - are left with nothing; and Kim makes away with all their maps and secret papers - a coup for British intelligence.’
    1. 1.1make away with someoneKill someone furtively and illicitly.
      ‘for all we know she could have been made away with’
      • ‘The only question that seemed to trouble him was, whom to make away with; for he was not blind to the fact that murder requires a victim as well as a priest.’
      • ‘What good is the band if the lead singer makes away with himself.’
      • ‘She heard that her son had been a coward and unworthy of her, and when he arrived, she made away with him.’
      • ‘Afterwards, at Bedriacum, Placentia and other camps, high and low made away with themselves in the same way.’
      • ‘It was while they were making away with the second daughter that they were arrested.’
      • ‘Up till then, individual efforts to make away with him had been made, and all had failed.’
      kill, murder, put to death, slaughter, dispatch, execute, eliminate
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