Definition of make merry in English:

make merry


  • Enjoy oneself with others by dancing and drinking.

    ‘back at the hotel, he's urging on his supporters to make merry’
    • ‘He enjoys life to the extreme; he drinks and makes merry with his wide circle of friends.’
    • ‘While as a Christian, I am supposed to mourn his death and get myself to church, instead I was at a reunion party indulging in food, drinks and basically making merry.’
    • ‘After a day of eating, drinking and making merry, round off with some words of wisdom from our favourite family.’
    • ‘We started off the evening at the house, drinking and making merry before we went out for the night.’
    • ‘An excuse to shop until you drop, drink to excess and make merry.’
    • ‘They're both eager to drink, club and make merry in London while they can before returning to Tehran next week.’
    • ‘Everyone made merry and most drank too much, including me!’
    • ‘They binge on Thai food, drink and make merry, take the sun and gleefully partake in Pattaya's rowdy nightlife.’
    • ‘Relatives, friends and well wishers join together to eat, drink, and make merry.’
    • ‘By day, they gathered to denounce royal policy, while at night they expected to eat, drink, and make merry at the king's expense.’
    • ‘After all, there will be plenty of chances to eat, drink and make merry once he has retired.’
    • ‘I want to enjoy my existence on this earth, be happy and make merry.’
    • ‘Strange to feel so melancholy at such a joyous time, so many people celebrating, making merry, making love in the warm twilight of these shortest nights.’
    • ‘Each was crammed with small parties of people making merry and recounting long passed glory days.’
    • ‘The demon in me wants to say party and make merry.’
    • ‘She saw people feasting, dancing, and making merry, exactly as she expected.’
    • ‘Currently, the rest of the unit were making merry in there rooms, enjoying the few hours each day they got off.’
    • ‘Now, we go to rest, drink, eat, and make merry to give us all a nice happy buzz to prevent any feelings of worry about tomorrow!’
    • ‘They made merry on Christmas, sometimes got drunk and became loud.’
    • ‘The topic ‘two dolphins making merry in sea, jumping in unison’, had made the children to permit their imagination run riot in rich colours.’
    have fun, have a good time, enjoy oneself, have a party, party, celebrate, carouse, feast, eat, drink, and be merry, revel, roister, rejoice, go on a spree
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