Definition of make mincemeat of someone in English:

make mincemeat of someone


  • Defeat someone decisively or easily in a fight, contest, or argument.

    • ‘a hostile Public Prosecutor would make mincemeat of her’
    • ‘But men tend to do it, de Waal writes, ‘in the more civilized manner of making mincemeat of someone else's arguments or, more primitively, giving others no time to open their mouths.’’
    • ‘But his team say he's confident of making mincemeat of them when they finally get down to specific policy commitments, with a major onslaught already planned for that Manchester conference.’
    • ‘Of course, the gag running through all the action is that these old geezers from another era are competing with guys 40 years their junior and making mincemeat of them.’
    • ‘And I think he thought he was going to make mincemeat of me, but I really had grown up to debate in my family, so we had a very equal debate.’
    • ‘He better be on his toes come Monday, though, as wee Jack is planning to make mincemeat of him just to teach him a lesson!’
    • ‘In his worst week as leader, a front bencher has written a paean of praise to the very man who made mincemeat of him and thus prompted the crisis.’
    • ‘The report addresses and makes mincemeat of Mapes's claim that the documents ‘mesh perfectly’ with the record.’
    • ‘At Leopardstown he beat Beef Or Salmon fair and square, just five weeks after the same horse had made mincemeat of Best Mate in the Lexus Chase over course and distance, so try making some sense of that!’
    • ‘In their first league fixture, Delhi first outclassed Pondicherry 16-3 and later made mincemeat of Goa whom they trounced by 24-9.’
    • ‘It didn't work, of course, and Nicola made mincemeat of Jack as a result.’