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make up

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phrasal verb

  • 1make something up, make up somethingInvent a story or plan.

    • ‘she enjoyed making up tall tales’
    invent, fabricate, concoct, dream up, think up, hatch, trump up
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  • 2make something up, make up something(of parts) compose or constitute a whole.

    ‘women make up 56 percent of the student body’
    • ‘the team is made up of three women and two men’
    comprise, form, compose, constitute, account for
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    1. 2.1Complete an amount or group.
      • ‘he brought along a girl to make up a foursome’
      complete, round off, finish
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  • 3make something up, make up somethingCompensate for something lost, missed, or deficient.

    ‘I'll make up the time tomorrow’
    • ‘The White House has said he transferred to the Alabama Guard and missed some duty but made it up later.’
    • ‘To make up for the lost sleep, he sleeps to the full on weekends, getting up after noon.’
    • ‘So tourist businesses should now be thinking of ways of making up for lost business.’
    • ‘At 28 he knows he is supposed to be in his prime and he knows there is a lot of lost time to make up for.’
    • ‘And that means we can either raise prices to cover the lost revenue, or lower prices and hope to make it up on volume.’
    • ‘The pool is very flexible - they have a direct debit scheme that means if the children are ill and miss lessons you can make them up later.’
    • ‘They exchange books and movies and are doing their best to make up for all the lost years.’
    • ‘But a spokesman for the firm said it was confident the lost time could be made up and the scheme would finish by the scheduled date.’
    • ‘In later years, she made up for this lost time, never missing an opportunity to add to her infamy.’
    atone for, make amends for, compensate for, make recompense for, make reparation for, make redress for, make restitution for, expiate
    offset, counterbalance, counterweigh, counteract, compensate for
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  • 4make something up, make up somethingPut together or prepare something from parts or ingredients.

    • ‘make up the mortar to a consistency that can be molded in the hands’
    prepare, mix, concoct, put together
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    1. 4.1Get an amount or group together.
      • ‘he was trying to make up a party to go dancing’
    2. 4.2Prepare a bed for use with fresh bedclothes.
    3. 4.3Printing Arrange type and illustrations into pages or arrange the type and illustrations on a page.
  • 5Be reconciled after a quarrel.

    ‘let's kiss and make up’
    • ‘As Paul and Heather prepare to do battle, another celebrity is apparently kissing and making up.’
    • ‘The wealthy couple were later seen having a lover's tiff before kissing and making up on the dance floor.’
    • ‘They argue almost constantly, only stopping occasionally to hug and kiss and pretend to make up.’
    • ‘So big-hearted Melvyn bought Al a slap-up lunch the other day to kiss and make up.’
    • ‘She says she has kissed and made up with Nigel, and the reunion was a fun night.’
    • ‘I think she has it in her head that if she gets us all in the same room we'll crack and kiss and make up.’
    • ‘I'd have no chance of creating an even bigger rift between them if they kissed and made up.’
    • ‘At the end of it all, you swap shirts, shake hands, make up and go home.’
    • ‘She trails kisses up his neck and soon the two are making up in the kitchen tangled around each other.’
    • ‘Here are some really great ideas on making up with your sweetheart after an argument.’
    be friends again, bury the hatchet, declare a truce, make peace, forgive and forget, shake hands, become reconciled, settle one's differences, mend fences, call it quits
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  • 6make someone up, make up someoneApply cosmetics to oneself or another.

    ‘ladies will feel like Marlene Dietrich, making themselves up at the dressing tables’
    • ‘With the help of fellow female team members, Adam was made up and dressed up for the strut down the catwalk.’
    • ‘Jacobs was made up to look like the former wrestling champion.’
    • ‘My several floor mates took me to the kitchenette and then they made me up for the drag night.’
    • ‘She's made-up and luminous in all black, and her husband is sitting close to her.’
    • ‘Tony, a couple of months ago, you made me up and made me look like somebody else.’
    • ‘After she had finished making up her mother's face, Caroline smiled at her young daughter.’
    apply cosmetics to, apply make-up to, powder, rouge
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