Definition of make up one's mind in English:

make up one's mind

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  • Make a decision; decide.

    ‘he made up his mind to attend the meeting’
    • ‘At 35 and obviously aging, Roy Jones needs to make up his mind and decide on his future very soon.’
    • ‘He made up his mind to leave Sunday morning and decided to go for another drive.’
    • ‘You could spend half a day making up your mind what to order.’
    • ‘It starts with just making up your mind that you want to make a change in your life.’
    • ‘I look at all sides of the issue before making up my mind.’
    • ‘I am having trouble making up my mind how I feel on any one thing.’
    • ‘I plan to go see the movie myself before making up my mind - though it may be out in video by that time.’
    • ‘And Shelley had made up her mind that this year, her junior year, there was going to be a difference.’
    • ‘Television channels began flashing news that she had made up her mind to refuse the premiership.’
    • ‘He has made up his mind, in future, steadfastly to refuse all proposals, come from what quarter they may.’
    decide, be decisive, come to a decision, make a decision, reach a decision
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