Definition of malapert in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmaləpərt/ /ˈmæləpərt/


  • Boldly disrespectful to a person of higher standing.

    ‘Indeed, we aim to show that the somewhat malapert remarks of Derrida on Fukuyama open up onto something that is much more significant than scorn.’
    • ‘Nay, then I must have an ounce or two of this malapert blood from you.’
    • ‘The fool was a very humble person, haunting kitchen and scullery, messing almost with the dogs, and liable, when malapert, to a whipping.’
    ill-mannered, bad-mannered, impolite, discourteous, impertinent, insolent, impudent, cheeky, audacious, presumptuous, uncivil, disrespectful, unmannerly, ill-bred, churlish, crass, curt, brusque, blunt, ungracious, graceless, brash, unpleasant, disagreeable, offhand, short, sharp


  • An impudent person.

    ‘The rest of you who are learners, healthy skeptics, and marketing malaperts will find lessons within.’
    • ‘A lively and crude cast of food wizards and malaperts enliven Bourdain's narrative.’
    • ‘One other thing, the featured lackbrains and malaperts were only a few of the attendees for the first two panel discussions at the Vision America conference’
    • ‘I also heard that finding support would be difficult and that linux forums were filled with pontificating malaperts which is not at all true.’
    • ‘As long as thou dost continue in your practice of bringing these malaperts back unto life, they will continue to tax thee and thy noble spirits, by avoiding the easy labor of gaining their gods benediction.’
    impudent person, insignificant person, gnat, insect


Middle English from mal-‘improperly’ + archaic apert ‘insolent’.