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Pronunciation /māl/ /meɪl/


  • 1Of or denoting the sex that produces small, typically motile gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring.

    ‘male children’
    • ‘The chromosome from the father determines whether the offspring becomes male or female.’
    • ‘Thus, the benefits to offspring of male incubation may be reduced in various species.’
    • ‘Some females even adjust the ratio of male to female offspring depending on the circumstances.’
    • ‘Biological differentiation into male and female makes sexual reproduction possible.’
    • ‘Reef fishes are egg-layers, and the eggs are externally fertilized by the male parent.’
    • ‘An emphasis on male offspring and the male line is found throughout the country.’
    • ‘The biological consequences concern both male and female reproductive systems.’
    • ‘Male fish with both male and female reproductive systems have been found in the River Ouse in the county.’
    • ‘Other males and male offspring have no recourse but either to accept celibacy, look elsewhere, or kill the father.’
    • ‘So there is some evidence that male sterility can negatively affect female fitness.’
    • ‘In this case it appears that male sterility caused self-fertilization to fail but some days later cross-fertilization took place.’
    • ‘The 65 987 participants were predominantly male and middle aged.’
    • ‘While students are predominantly male, any driver with a valid license can sign up.’
    • ‘The subscription lists, particularly those before 1860, suggest that the audience was predominantly male.’
    • ‘Havana produced Carlos Acosta, now a member of the Royal Ballet, the world's number one male dancer.’
    • ‘Petronio was the first male dancer of the Trisha Brown Company, for which he danced from 1979 to 1986.’
    • ‘But then from memory mass murderers or serial killers were pretty much exclusively male.’
    • ‘Today, there are few, if any, maritime roles that remain exclusively male.’
    • ‘The mostly male executives running corporations across America would do well to take note.’
    • ‘Female students, on average, take more valuable equipment than their male counterparts.’
    masculine, to do with men, he-
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    1. 1.1Relating to or characteristic of men or male animals; masculine.
      ‘a deep male voice’
      ‘male unemployment’
      • ‘We women in business are measured by how many male characteristics we have.’
      • ‘The slow release of testosterone ensures that sex drive and male characteristics, such as body hair, are maintained.’
      • ‘We know also that in animals the male hormone, testosterone, is related to dominance and aggression.’
      • ‘We were unable to identify any male characteristics that were associated with EPF.’
      • ‘Younger women use the monophthongs characteristic of male speech.’
      • ‘The four male voices of the Hilliard earned thunderous foot-stamping applause from a capacity audience at Canongate Kirk.’
      • ‘Imagine those choruses of lusty male voices singing The Internationale on the soundtrack.’
      • ‘Both times Darren said he heard a gruff male voice in the background speaking angrily in rapid fire French.’
      • ‘The Talking Messenger has 15 readers, but is always looking for more, especially male voices.’
      • ‘He will go down in history as the most popular male voice of all time.’
      • ‘The elephants are also slow to respond to a woman's voice as their hearing is tuned to following a male voice.’
      • ‘Over the speakers, the male voice reading was full of love but full of loss.’
      • ‘A male voice said the chairman would return the call, but there was no response from Rao up to press time.’
      • ‘Their intense dialogue was somehow interrupted by the deep male voices approaching.’
      • ‘Founded in 1944, the Orpheus Choir may have to fold due to a lack of male voices.’
      • ‘You live in a place where male bonding takes on a whole new life!’
      • ‘Also, how many males will want their offspring to suffer male pattern baldness?’
      • ‘However, in some species, females use male traits to predict spermatophore quality.’
      • ‘Thus, it seems logical for a correlation to exist between male and female fertility traits.’
      • ‘He sat in on his wife's women's group, with their permission, as they talked about menopause and male menopause.’
      • ‘Firstly, to get the male point of view, they interview one man.’
      • ‘Many footballers in England earned a wage that was not much greater than average adult male earnings in manufacturing.’
      male, aggressively male, masculine, unpleasantly masculine
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    2. 1.2(of a plant or flower) bearing stamens but lacking functional pistils.
      • ‘The pollen grain is the male gametophytic phase of flowering plants.’
      • ‘The path of pollen tubes has not been investigated, as male flowers were not available.’
      • ‘Live oaks produce male flowers called catkins that bloom in hanging clusters.’
      • ‘Thus, the perianth of male flowers is often larger than that of female flowers.’
      • ‘Inflorescences with male flowers only were found in various sequential inflorescences in the six populations.’
      • ‘It is now clear that mutation rates are greater in male than in female germ lines.’
    3. 1.3(of parts of machinery, fittings, etc.) designed to enter, fill, or fit inside a corresponding female part.
      ‘the valve has standard half-inch threaded male ends’
      • ‘The fitting also includes a male end portion configured to engage female threads on the hub of the receptacle.’
      • ‘Cut another small piece of pipe and attach male adapters on both ends.’
      • ‘This audio cable with male connectors on each end is used with ISDN primary rate interfaces.’
      • ‘Then the connector was flanged onto the newly installed flexible pipe end termination which will mate with the male hub connection structure.’


  • A male person, plant, or animal.

    ‘the audience consisted of adult males’
    ‘the male of the species’
    • ‘Common chimpanzees are very social animals, with males forming the closest bonds.’
    • ‘Adult natal males were never observed to achieve intromission, so all complete copulations involved immigrants.’
    • ‘Interactions among newborns, mothers, and adult males are rarely observed but are needed to distinguish between these hypotheses.’
    • ‘The idea was that every adult white male would have his own gun.’
    • ‘Even Frodo, the longtime dominant alpha male, is feeling poorly and lying low.’
    • ‘Neither of the two unmated males sired extra-pair young.’
    • ‘And so often what is radical is defined by white heterosexual males and females.’
    • ‘The researcher worldview is that of a middle-class, white, heterosexual male.’
    • ‘Territorial males sired, on average, significantly more offspring per reproductive season than peripherals.’
    • ‘Mate guarding is the primary mating tactic used by dominant males of many species of ungulates.’
    • ‘An adolescent heterosexual male, for example, is certainly driven to distraction by his hormonal urge to reproduce.’
    • ‘There is a palpably macho tone to all of this, as of alpha males competing for dominance and display.’
    • ‘The purpose of the program is to develop responsible sexual behavior among young adolescent males.’
    • ‘Participants in this study included 105 adolescent males between the ages of 12 and 18 in outpatient and residential programs.’
    • ‘There was no predation and there were no unmated males in our population.’
    • ‘But costs rise to four times the European average for young males aged between 17 and 24.’
    • ‘Plot shows percentage of females produced by hybrid males of various genotypes.’
    • ‘For black males aged 15-19, the rate increased 105 percent.’
    • ‘Smaller groups usually consist of an unmated female courted by unmated males.’
    • ‘Sometimes, though, the ratio of males to females lurches out of balance.’
    man, adult male, gentleman
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Late Middle English from Old French masle, from Latin masculus, from mas ‘a male’.



/māl/ /meɪl/

Main definitions of Male in English

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Pronunciation /ˈmälā/ /ˈmɑleɪ/

proper noun

  • The capital of the Maldives; population 111,000 (est. 2007).



/ˈmälā/ /ˈmɑleɪ/