Definition of male chauvinism in English:

male chauvinism



  • Male prejudice against women; the belief that men are superior in terms of ability, intelligence, etc.

    ‘a bastion of male chauvinism’
    • ‘In honor of the cold war, let me address old-fashioned male chauvinism.’
    • ‘In China, a country having a centuries-long tradition of male superiority, male chauvinism is absolutely not a new word.’
    • ‘In different parts of the world, male chauvinism in different degrees has led to gender injustice.’
    • ‘Italy's long-standing tradition of male chauvinism has been delivered a bitter blow with the opening of the country's first women-only beach.’
    • ‘For some men, it is a show of male chauvinism.’
    • ‘I suppose that's what male chauvinism is all about.’
    • ‘His style is typical of fascist male chauvinism.’
    • ‘Male chauvinism is the major cause for this social evil.’
    • ‘The LSE has been a symbol of stodgy traditionalism and male chauvinism.’
    • ‘Meyer made much of his male chauvinism.’
    • ‘This is a blatant lie, and a stark example of aggressive male chauvinism.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, male chauvinism has found support in ideas expressed by some theologians who have defended the inferior role of women with arguments for their inferior nature.’
    • ‘Although the premise is centered around 1970s male chauvinism, the script only examines this topic superficially.’
    • ‘It is male chauvinism, I admit it.’
    • ‘The reality of male chauvinism didn't strike me until I went to college.’
    • ‘Certainly male chauvinism combined with existing social and intellectual norms contributed to this result.’
    • ‘They have had to face accusations of racism, Eurocentrism, neocolonialism, grave-robbing, and male chauvinism (not necessarily all at once, or in that order).’
    • ‘Male chauvinism isn't making a comeback - it never went away.’
    • ‘Granted, there's probably a tad of male chauvinism or ego buried in that statement; however, I have heard that uttered by a few women as well.’
    • ‘Yet, it should probably be kept in mind that the banking fraternity is one of the most entrenched bastions of male chauvinism and conservatism in Japanese society.’