Definition of malfeasance in English:


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  • Wrongdoing, especially by a public official.

    ‘This would occur whenever the public is made aware of official malfeasance or incompetence.’
    • ‘Unions and victims' groups have already accused the company of fraud, deceit and corporate malfeasance.’
    • ‘Even if they were just friends, that made it newsworthy, because it was about public malfeasance.’
    • ‘Its greatest concern has been unrest in rural areas brought on by official malfeasance and land disputes.’
    • ‘Reporters have long been the last bastion against tyranny, wrongdoing and malfeasance.’
    • ‘But this litigation is often the only means to protect society from medical malpractice or corporate malfeasance.’
    deceit, deception, duplicity, lying, falseness, falsity, falsehood, untruthfulness



/ˌmalˈfēzəns/ /ˌmælˈfizəns/


Late 17th century from Anglo-Norman French malfaisance, from mal- ‘evil’ + Old French faisance ‘activity’. Compare with misfeasance.