Definition of malformed in English:



  • 1(of a person or part of the body) abnormally formed; misshapen.

    ‘her ribs are malformed’
    • ‘The thyroid gland, located in the neck, is sometimes malformed, or completely undeveloped.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, offspring from clutches with no malformed young survived significantly better than offspring from clutches in which young were malformed.’
    • ‘Approximately 5,000 to 7,000 malformed infants were born to women who ingested thalidomide during pregnancy.’
    • ‘The birth of a malformed infant also can precipitate a major family crisis, which disrupts the usual parent-infant bonding.’
    • ‘The relevant birth defects include missing limbs and malformed hearts.’
    • ‘Besides, she was merely thin and not malformed.’
    • ‘Tests on animals have a high failure rate, and a tendency to produce sickly and malformed clones.’
    • ‘Their skulls are very small and their brains undeveloped and malformed.’
    • ‘The mitral and pulmonic valves may be malformed as well.’
    • ‘Anne was dark-haired, with large eyes, composed and cultivated, with a mole on her neck and a malformed finger.’
    • ‘However, analysis of internal genitalia revealed that these individuals either have malformed testes or lack internal genitalia.’
    • ‘An animal was scored as malformed if either the left or the right leg of a pair was malformed.’
    • ‘The eye globe is distorted and the cornea is malformed; the iris cannot be recognized.’
    • ‘So she still has a severely malformed brain but is breathing on her own.’
    • ‘The first three were so severely malformed they died before the age of five.’
    • ‘The treatments were typically instituted because the patients suffered from malformed cervixes which blocked the entry of sperm into the uterus.’
    • ‘When a baby has a structural birth defect, some part of the body (internal or external) is missing or malformed.’
    • ‘Such meteorological events could help explain the sudden increase in malformed frogs over such a large and diverse region.’
    • ‘Others had malformed internal organs or eye and ear defects.’
    • ‘They are generally reserved only for extreme situations such as that of twins born to a surrogate mother twelve weeks premature and a woman with a malformed uterus.’
    deformed, distorted, crooked, contorted, wry, misshapen, twisted, warped, out of shape, bent, bandy, curved, recurved, skewed, asymmetrical, irregular, misproportioned, ill-proportioned, ill-shaped, disfigured, hunchbacked, abnormal, grotesque, monstrous
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    1. 1.1Not conforming to a standard type.
      ‘malformed web pages’
      • ‘The network checking fails to handle especially malformed network requests properly.’
      • ‘In December we reported how a malformed text message could crash older mobiles.’
      • ‘Application data is not considered, i.e., intentionally malformed packets are not necessarily noticed, assuming their IP headers can be read.’
      • ‘Instead of quarantining malformed messages, the security products happily forwarded them to their destination.’
      • ‘Sending a malformed packet during a Web session with the target machine can result in system-level access.’
      • ‘To attack many users on a subnet, the attacker would send the especially malformed packet to that network's broadcast or multicast address.’
      • ‘One well-known habit consists of clusters or groups of somewhat malformed or slightly curved cubes arranged in a stair-stepped pattern.’
      • ‘Every protocol and application is vulnerable to malformed data and irregularities inadvertently introduced by the designers and coders of the associated software.’
      • ‘In this way, transient and malformed abdominal waveform shapes were definitely excluded.’
      • ‘When these circumstances occur or an especially malformed request is received, the program does not handle the condition gracefully and fails.’
      • ‘Stan sees this as time well spent of course, but with each mistaken stab, hundreds of blank or malformed emails are sent to unwitting recipients.’
      • ‘Sloppy programming means applications fail to properly validate inputs - so maliciously constructed, malformed requests can crash a process and be used to inject hostile code into target machines.’
      • ‘This helps to detect malformed words.’
      • ‘If this file is missing, malformed, or misnamed, the widget will not load.’
      • ‘Any properly configured firewall should block such a malformed request sent over the Internet, and broadcast and multicast traffic should also be restricted on a properly set up network.’