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nounplural noun mallard, plural noun mallards

  • The most common duck of the northern hemisphere and the ancestor of most domestic ducks, the male having a dark green head and white collar.

    Anas platyrhynchos, family Anatidae

    ‘We saw lots of waterfowl, mostly Canada geese and mallards with the odd Gadwall.’
    • ‘This paper examines the function of female resistance behavior in one of the dabbling ducks, the mallard.’
    • ‘The teals, mallards and other small ducks were all paddling about.’
    • ‘There were about 50 coots, 25 shovelers, and a handful each of mallards and ferruginous ducks.’
    • ‘The most abundant and widespread of all waterfowl, the mallard is also the most hunted game bird.’



/ˈmalərd/ /ˈmælərd/


Middle English from Old French, ‘wild drake’, from masle ‘male’.