Definition of maltase in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmôltās/ /ˈmɔlteɪs/ /ˈmôlˌtāz/ /ˈmɔlˌteɪz/


  • An enzyme, present in saliva and pancreatic juice, that catalyzes the breakdown of maltose and similar sugars to form glucose.

    • ‘Dietary coriander and onion prominently stimulated the activities of the disaccharidases sucrase, lactase and maltase of intestinal mucosa.’
    • ‘Deletion of the gene encoding maltase causes a nonfermentable phenotype but maltose induction of maltose permease is unaffected, indicating that this enzyme is not required for induction but only for utilization of maltose.’
    • ‘Interestingly, single dose administration of spices other than curcumin and onion did not increase intestinal maltase unlike their dietary intake.’
    • ‘Interestingly, we saw no apparent effect in further experiments using relatively high levels of maltase or ß-amylase.’
    • ‘The maltase secreted in the intestines, then convert this maltose into a more ready useable sugar glucose, or the glucose could also be stored in the liver for future use.’



/ˈmôltās/ /ˈmɔlteɪs/ /ˈmôlˌtāz/ /ˈmɔlˌteɪz/