Definition of man cave in English:

man cave


  • A room or other part of a home used by a man as a place to relax and pursue hobbies away from the rest of the family.

    ‘a man cave equipped with a pool table and pinball machine’
    • ‘And lots of guys, at some point, would like a vending machine in their man cave.’
    • ‘Those flat, round, black things with the hole in the middle that your father keeps stacked in his man cave: they're called vinyl records.’
    • ‘Now he's a manchild who's created his own promised land, setting up the garage behind his house as the "man cave," a post-adolescent fratboy paradise.’
    • ‘So, I rolled out of bed went to my office/man cave.’
    • ‘One Saturday afternoon I was sleeping on the couch and he claimed he heard me snoring through the ceiling and into the room above the living room, also known as The Bat Cave, or his man cave.’
    • ‘Walking into his self-professed "man cave," Tom Amstutz proclaims, "Some of these lures are so rare you will never see them again."’
    • ‘The problem for straight-laced Peter, aside from Zooey's temporary jealousy, is Sydney's unruliness he's fond of one-night stands, retreats regularly to his "man cave," and doesn't scoop his dog's poop.’
    • ‘Having started the day with a tidy $65,000 three-bedroom ranch, we end up at a Miami Vice house: fireplace in the master bedroom, sailboat access, with a pool on the upstairs deck that overflows in a waterfall into the pool downstairs, and a man cave hidden behind a swinging bookcase.’
    • ‘Which alpha male would not be delighted with a $1.4 million games room, or "man cave", equipped with an antique pool table, a pair of vintage pinball machines and giant plasma television screens?’
    • ‘The only time I haven't had a man cave to retreat to was during the years when I lived on my own in London.’
    • ‘Another father turned his daughter's bedroom into what Ms. Dugas called a man cave, with Green Bay Packers memorabilia and yellow and green walls.’