Definition of man of the cloth in English:

man of the cloth


  • A clergyman.

    ‘Gutierrez has not always been a man of the cloth; before entering the priesthood he was a military intelligence operative.’
    • ‘A spirited campaign to stop proposed Sunday flights to the Western Isles is being led not by elderly men of the cloth but by a sharp-suited former army major.’
    • ‘There were many men of the cloth in Sophiatown, but Huddleston was arguably the most popular.’
    • ‘He has taken his vows and is now a man of the cloth.’
    • ‘I am saddened that a man of the cloth could write such unfeeling comments.’
    • ‘Indeed, he is a patient, forgiving sort of fella, as one would expect of a man of the cloth.’
    • ‘Among the assembled cast is former man of the cloth Sandy Lofthouse, retired Canon of Carlisle and vicar of Levens, Helsington and Underbarrow for 17 years until he retired in 1995.’
    • ‘The men of the cloth were in town to attend a four-day conference of the Pontifical Council for Culture, in which the role of the church in preserving culture and heritage across the world was discussed.’
    • ‘Quite a few of his ancestors had been men of the cloth, and he was raised in the faith by devout parents.’
    • ‘Zumárraga, as a man of the cloth, had no military or political weapons.’
    clergyman, clergywoman, priest, churchman, churchwoman, man of the cloth, woman of the cloth, man of God, woman of God, cleric, minister, preacher, chaplain, father