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  • 1The process of dealing with or controlling things or people.

    ‘the management of elk herds’
    • ‘It is becoming a model for environmental management and control.’
    • ‘It also now provides courses on environmental management, photography and painting.’
    • ‘But the impulses towards risk management and social control trump such wishes.’
    • ‘It is a critical activity for land management and environmental change research.’
    • ‘As a result, environmental management plays a larger role in the food industry.’
    • ‘They have achieved that through sound business dealings and good management.’
    • ‘General management of the arthritic process is important, with physiotherapy to prevent joint contracture.’
    • ‘State level officers were also trained in management and financial processes.’
    • ‘If party managers had been looking to conventions as a process of crowd management it was soon clear that it was not such a simple matter.’
    • ‘It actually switches the business model from sale of a chemical to management of a chemical process throughout the lifecycle.’
    • ‘Instead it had a broader, ecological meaning: the maintenance and management of entire natural processes.’
    • ‘The return of this bill to the House is a welcome step toward a better process for resource management in New Zealand.’
    • ‘This book takes a good look at the process of color management and the theory behind it.’
    • ‘Unions have proven to be useful at assisting the process of sensible party management.’
    • ‘This can only be done through a fair and open process of performance management.’
    • ‘Some of the Audit Commission's work has focused specifically on the process of management.’
    • ‘Such a move sticks out, as people have lined up to slam his management of the complicated process.’
    • ‘The diagnosis of diabetes will almost certainly focus attention on more active management of these risk factors in the future.’
    • ‘It is important to remember that risk management is used throughout a program's life cycle.’
    • ‘Remember that management, like any other skill, is something that you can improve at with study and practice.’
    management, running, direction, control, governing, administration, supervision
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    1. 1.1treated as singular or plural The people in charge of running a company or organization, regarded collectively.
      ‘management was extremely cooperative’
      • ‘we would like to thank the management and staff for their continued support’
      • ‘This group includes the top managements of leading hotels in Chonburi including Pattaya.’
      • ‘Recently, the Director of Matriculation Schools has sent letters to the managements to end the practice.’
      • ‘However, none of the printing press managements seem to have chosen to obey this directive.’
      • ‘Shareholders get the boards and managements they deserve.’
      • ‘As of now, the managements seem to be calling the shots.’
      • ‘Many of the 42 college managements have been shown to be indifferent, incompetent or, in some of the worst cases, plain corrupt.’
      • ‘Even when these managements showed losses in productive companies, nobody talked about their inefficiency.’
      • ‘And why should well-managed companies bail out incompetent managements?’
      • ‘There is a financial advantage as well, the hotel managements claim.’
      • ‘Risk management is rapidly becoming the most important issue for boards and managements of public companies.’
      • ‘Where, asked a journalist pithily, is the space where newspaper owners and managements can be held to account?’
      • ‘The ban has landed the circus managements in a tricky situation as they can neither use them for the shows nor abandon them.’
      • ‘Of concern to fisheries managements and anglers is the decline in the numbers of salmon returning to rivers.’
      • ‘Several managements are now consulting security firms for insulation from product theft.’
      • ‘The benefit of the new system is that it gives managements the opportunity to make a few corrections and go on again.’
      • ‘The managements of big industries adopt the concept to improve the quality of work in workplaces.’
      • ‘Whatever the final cost, it will be a high price for many managements.’
      • ‘Thus, it was clear that it had been drafted in collusion with the managements, he added.’
      • ‘It was also an operational failure, and thus a failure for which management must take responsibility.’
      • ‘The responsibilities of management and directors also raise concern with regard to privacy and security.’
      managers, employers, directors, board of directors, board, directorate, executives, administrators, administration
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    2. 1.2The responsibility for and control of a company or organization.
      ‘a successful career in management’
      • ‘the management of a great metropolitan newspaper’
      • ‘The course is run over a four week programme involving management and organisational skills.’
      • ‘The Commission was given direct management responsibility in a number of areas.’
      • ‘After all, management teams have clear responsibility for ensuring capital is effectively husbanded.’
      • ‘Local companies had good technical expertise but lacked management skills and operating capital.’
      • ‘She can be certain that Gowers has both the journalistic and management skills for the job.’
      • ‘It is often at the point of taking on extra management responsibility that any semblance of work-life balance is lost.’
      • ‘Stakeholders need to focus on the key skills that directly support management decisions.’
      • ‘Views such as this were expressed at a contest for management professionals organised in the city on Tuesday.’
      • ‘It helped to develop their management skills in terms of communication, leadership and motivating people.’
      • ‘The father of five is set on a civilian career in leadership and management training, it is understood.’
      • ‘It must be hoped the intensity and responsibility that management will bring will not impinge on his performances.’
      • ‘Some have returned, bringing money and, equally important, new ideas and management skills.’
      • ‘Evidence from our surveys shows poor management skills and minimum work conditions are the industry norms.’
      • ‘Hairdressers are not generally associated with having a keen business sense or management skills.’
      • ‘Safety reports have shown that management failures are responsible in most cases.’
      • ‘The same management team is responsible for the control of these operations.’
      • ‘He said it was the responsibility of the hospital management to address issues such as a lack of beds.’
      • ‘In fact, it can be a great way to develop management skills - for you or for your employees.’
      • ‘Initially they were given loans though most were not doing well as they lacked management skills.’
      • ‘Was the outcry following his appointment based on his management skills or the fact that he wasn't English?’
      administration, running, managing, organization
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    3. 1.3Medicine Psychiatry The treatment or control of diseases, injuries, or disorders, or the care of patients who suffer from them.
      ‘the use of combination chemotherapy in the management of breast cancer’
      • ‘The assay is likely to form a useful tool for clinicians involved with the care and management of patients who regularly use tobacco.’
      • ‘Preoperative management of patients with chronic kidney disease can be challenging.’
      • ‘Patient selection is important in the medical management of ectopic pregnancy.’
      • ‘They themselves are not fully aware of recent advances in the treatment and management of the disease.’
      • ‘The management of most patients is now discussed and decided in multidisciplinary meetings.’
  • 2 archaic Trickery; deceit.

    • ‘if there has been any management in the business, it has been concealed from me’
    deceit, deception, duplicity, lying, falseness, falsity, falsehood, untruthfulness
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/ˈmanijmənt/ /ˈmænɪdʒmənt/