Definition of mandrill in English:



  • A large West African baboon with a red and blue face, the male having a blue rump.

    Mandrillus sphinx, family Cercopithecidae

    • ‘Her work with the large African monkeys known as mandrills shows that red coloration gives males an advantage when it comes to mating.’
    • ‘Viarruel said calls had been made by his colleagues to the Ministry of Public Utilities and Environment to repair the boxes where the chimpanzees and mandrills slept.’
    • ‘Other new arrivals to the park this winter will include mandrills and bamboo lemurs.’
    • ‘And Gabon offers less, in that most of the country is thick, green jungle, and you might only catch a glimpse of a mandrill or a gorilla heading in the wrong direction.’
    • ‘When a mandrill bares its teeth, it is not threatening to attack, but rather showing a submissive behavior.’
    • ‘Now the research at Lope is showing that, behaviourally, mandrills are a class unto themselves.’
    • ‘One of the most fascinating questions is why male mandrills sport such bright colors.’
    • ‘The head and body of the mandrill reach about 38 inches, the tail 30 inches.’
    • ‘We currently have no estimate for the number of mandrills left in the wild.’


Mid 18th century probably from man+ drill.