Definition of manned in English:



  • (of an aircraft or spacecraft) having a human crew.

    ‘a manned mission to Mars’
    • ‘The Air Force currently suffers from a critical shortage of aviators for manned aircraft.’
    • ‘It is logical to assume that understanding the solar system environment is just as important to the vision as building the next generation of manned spacecraft.’
    • ‘Developing a new manned spacecraft in addition to larger launch vehicles becomes an expensive proposition.’
    • ‘The air platforms could take the form of tethered blimps, unmanned aerial vehicles, or manned aircraft.’
    • ‘Some debate whether such aircraft will eventually replace manned aircraft.’
    • ‘By early 1966 the Soviets had not launched a single manned spacecraft in a year.’
    • ‘The manned aircraft will operate in long-range, low-level missions, using stealth technologies and terrain screening.’
    • ‘These guidelines specifically exclude manned aircraft but include the export of uninhabited aerial aircraft and related technology.’
    • ‘The unit has only ever operated one type of manned aircraft and that is the venerable Hawker Hunter.’
    • ‘In addition, they will also have to operate a manned spacecraft for at least a week.’
    • ‘Leaders in Beijing have ordered that the safety of astronauts be ensured first when launching a manned spacecraft, the newspaper said.’
    • ‘Yet his latest journey was uniquely significant, because he was on his way to see his colleagues send China's first manned spacecraft into orbit.’
    • ‘The first manned spacecraft ever to leave Earth orbit was Apollo 8.’
    • ‘However, certification only applies to the various types of aircraft, as well as manned balloons.’
    • ‘A more sophisticated argument pits robots against manned spacecraft.’
    • ‘I think these will eventually replace manned reconnaissance aircraft.’
    • ‘However, satellites did not end the use of manned reconnaissance aircraft.’
    • ‘The nuclear-tipped missile challenged the monopoly of manned bombers in nuclear war.’
    • ‘One way is to travel to the planets, either with remotely operated probes or with manned spacecraft.’
    • ‘To realise the goal, the agency aims to develop Japan's own manned space craft, similar to the US Space Shuttle, the Mainichi said.’