Definition of mannered in English:



  • 1in combination Behaving in a specified way.

  • 2(of behaviour, art, or a literary style) marked by idiosyncratic or exaggerated mannerisms; artificial.

    ‘inane dialogue and mannered acting’
    • ‘The result is a mannered, literary prose rooted firmly in the Gothic and decadent traditions.’
    • ‘He had few later commissions of importance, and as his style became increasingly mannered even fewer were accepted on completion.’
    • ‘In the late 1930s he became a friend of Gruber and developed a rather mannered figure style influenced by him and by Picasso.’
    • ‘He was to admit in later life that he had been somewhat mannered in his vocal style, at the expense of his physical presence.’
    • ‘There is a literary quality to The Cooler that does make it feel mannered and even theatrical at times.’
    • ‘I wondered as I listened to the mannered and overwrought theatrical stuff why he hadn't put that in there instead.’
    • ‘To call the acting wooden would be overstatement, but it's often stiff and mannered.’
    • ‘Much of the drama is stiff and mannered, but the action sequences still thrill.’
    • ‘His performance is so mannered and inhuman that it's almost easier to think he really is a vampire than to presume some actor dreamed it up.’
    • ‘Viewed from afar, the works seem strikingly cold and mannered, even when evoking the distinctly human creases of flesh.’
    • ‘He gives a highly mannered performance, speaking more to the floor and back wall than out to the audience.’
    • ‘Her tantalising lines are delivered with as many vocal gymnastics as Jeff Buckley but she never sounds mannered or over the top.’
    • ‘Suddenly, tracks such as If I Die Tonight cease to sound like mannered posturing and take on a peculiar prescience.’
    • ‘Critics, after condemning her for her relations, have homed in on her mannered singing and her lyrics.’
    • ‘It is very mannered, very strange and very much an acquired taste.’
    • ‘It's an odd performance as well, desperately mannered at times but in the moments that count absolutely rock solid.’
    • ‘His performance was altogether too mannered, but the woman playing his wife was fun.’
    • ‘There was neither method nor nearly enough madness in the mannered performances.’
    • ‘Some readers may fear that Mr. Blythe's prose is overly nostalgic and mannered.’
    • ‘At a time when radio comedy in Britain was often extremely mannered and driven by catchphrases, The Goon Show was a huge leap.’
    affected, pretentious, unnatural, artificial, contrived, stilted, stiff, forced, put-on, insincere, theatrical, actorly, elaborate, precious, posed, stagy, camp
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