Definition of mansplain in English:


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transitive verb

[with object] informal
  • (of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.

    • ‘I'm listening to a guy mansplain economics to his wife’
    • ‘He tries to mansplain it with a weak athlete analogy, but she cuts him short.’
    • ‘Bravo, too, for the general misogynist stereotyping, victim blaming and general mansplaining.’
    • ‘I was accused of "mansplaining" and of writing "a terrible article" that should never have been published.’
    • ‘For them to pretend that "diet culture" and "size zero" start and end within the exclusively female world of women's magazines is a massive pile of mansplaining, patronising nonsense.’
    • ‘Allow us to mansplain.’
    • ‘How very sweet of him to offer to mansplain the budget to the dumb blonde who just got herself elected Senator.’
    • ‘Can someone mansplain to me why the price of a Hershey bar was so weirdly stable until 1970?’
    • ‘Don't mansplain female sexuality.’
    • ‘Leave it to him to mansplain why it's so bad having the women-folk working.’
    • ‘Where are we going to find someone to mansplain heterosexual lit?’



/ˈmansplān/ /ˈmænspleɪn/


Early 21st century blend of man and explain.