Definition of mantrap in English:



  • A trap for catching people, especially trespassers or poachers.

    • ‘You can shoot a rope that springs trappers' mantraps back onto them, drop a boulder onto a thug's head, or push wagons full of powder kegs toward a cabin full of enemies and take out a whole crowd with a single, well placed shot.’
    • ‘Yeah, a mantrap would be considerably larger than an animal trap.’
    • ‘Such tricks can be defeated with turnstiles, mantraps and guards, but those techniques have costs and limitations.’
    • ‘From your description, Louis, it sounded more like a mantrap to me.’
    • ‘A common man-trap in modern physical security protocols includes having two sets of doors such that the first set of doors must close before the second set opens.’
    seductress, temptress, siren, femme fatale, enchantress, Delilah, Circe, Lorelei, Mata Hari