Definition of manus in English:


nounplural noun manus

  • The terminal segment of a forelimb, corresponding to the hand and wrist in humans.

    ‘Caudipteryx has short forelimbs and a feathered manus and is likely to have been a secondarily flightless bird.’
    • ‘In lepidosaurs, crocodilians, and birds the medial border or epicondyle of the humerus is the origin for the major flexors of the manus and carpus.’
    • ‘The enlarged medial ‘epicondyle’ of Apatosaurus may be tied with the flexors of its robust manus and pollex claw.’
    • ‘The fully flexed pollex in an articulated manus of Shuvuuia is in a position similar to full flexion in Mononykus.’
    • ‘As in certain extant lepidosaurians, the fourth digit of the manus and pes is significantly more elongate than the others, a condition suggestive of rotation of podal elements to allow enhanced lateral pushoff.’
    fist, palm



/ˈmānəs/ /ˈmeɪnəs/


Early 19th century from Latin, ‘hand’.