Definition of Manx cat in English:

Manx cat


  • A cat of a breed having no tail or an extremely short one.

    • ‘The Manx cats have either no tails or very short ones and are believed to have originated after a spontaneous mutation on the island hundreds of years ago.’
    • ‘Domestic cats have been selected by humans to display a wide array of body shapes and colors, from hairless forms to long-haired Persians and tail-less Manx cats to very large Maine coon cats.’
    • ‘Animal lovers can go marvel at the stumpy tails on those cute genetic mutants the Manx cats at the Mann Cat Sanctuary, or pat the sweet, retired horses at the Home of Rest for Old Horses.’
    • ‘I use Manx cats as an example of a recessive lethal gene, and leave students space to describe it on the form, but it is rare in this area.’
    • ‘In A Room of One's Own, Woolf's narrator ‘watched the Manx cat pause in the middle of the lawn as if it too questioned the universe…’.’


Manx cat

/ˌmanks ˈkat/